Retro Escape


Retro Escape Is a simple but challenging puzzle game. The player controls a character which must be guided from the start to the end tile in order to complete a level. The player not only has find a path through the maze formed by surrounding walls, but also must collect items in the right order and use them accordingly.

However that's not all programmable blocks and recursive objects offer many new puzzle concepts and level designs. Not only can one challenge his mind by solving the tricky levels, but also apply ones creativity and create unique levels. The build in level editor includes all the games blocks and offers a simple script language to interface with the programmable blocks. Created levels can be saved or shared via file and qr code. The game was developed cross platform using the LibGdx framework. It was written in Kotlin and uses the ZXING libary for qr code detection. It is currently released for Android (Beta) and includes 30 levels.